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What is Microbe Formulas™?

Our goal is to provide the world's highest-quality and most effective products for pathogen elimination support.

Our highly experienced team has a clinician background, and has served the needs of thousands of clients.

We're not "just another supplement company" selling the same generic products as everyone else.

We are not parasitologists and choose not to follow "standard" tradition.

As Seen at The 2017 Parasite Summit

What The Experts Are Saying About Microbe Formulas™

Dr. Jay Davidson

"If you are looking for an anti- parasite formula that works, Organic Mimosa Pudica: Anti-Parasite Support is the best product that I've ever found! I have used many products with my clients and myself, Mimosa Pudica is the most effective at getting worms out and seeing them in your stool. I highly recommend this product!"

Dr. Rachel Bouska

"I have tried several different remedies to get rid of parasites with little to no improvement or visual evidence. Microbe Formulas™ is the best I have found to remove parasites and actually see them in the stool. I am looking forward to using this formula with my patients and would highly recommend it."

Dr. Allen Lindsley

"I have been using Organic Mimosa Pudica: Anti-Parasite Support on many of my patients with various intestinal parasites, and have seen incredible results with this product. Patients often comment on the changes in their digestion and overall feeling of health after taking this product for intestinal parasites."